Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Simplifying Life

Taking problems to works might not be a good idea, an old fellow says it is like pouring salt to the ocean. Some of us works on a situation where complicated issues of various dimension are plunge in one while all of them need instant solutions. That is why I am saying taking problems would not be a good idea.... see what i mean?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mission Impossible

Kalau dihitung hitung sisa waktu sampai tahun ini hanya beberapa hari saja, tetapi list things to be done gw bejibun, setiap kali kepikir malah bikin stress, 9 *** harus nyiapin invoice dan pertanggung jawaban mereka plus penyelenggaraan workshop/seminar yang gak ngerti deh mau diapain, beberapa penyelenggaraan lain yang sudah jelas skedulnya pun sudah menanti, di luar kota pulak.. fhuih... apa memang harus melek terus sampe ahir tahun....tuluuung.....I am drowning!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the making of SODAGEMBIRA

You may wondering what soda gembira is and what makes this kind of soft-beverage sounds special.

soda means : carbonated (drinks) and gembira means : happy, however you can always have your own definition of SODAGEMBIRA......I am always keen in seeing the result (normally a big smile) after friends try it for their first time. Since it makes one happy then this could be a perfect treat for mellows....why don't give yourself a go and make your soda gembira to cheer you up a bit.

Here's my favourite recipe of SODAGEMBIRA

- a bottle of sparkling water
- condensed sweetened milk
- red syroup (could be frambozen, cocopandan or strawberry )
- ice cubes
- few tablespoons of rum (if you like)

- pour milk to a glass ( about 1/5 part)
- add red syroup and ice cubes and rum
- add sparkling water mix it slow to keep the froth in place